Our Statement of Faith

This congregation declares the following as our core beliefs:

  • The sacredness of the Divine Mother Goddess, She of a Thousand Names, who is the ever-present Spirit of our planet, and who is connected to the all encompassing Spirit, neither male nor female, that is the immense holiness of all existence;

  • The sacred alignment with the rhythms of the universe and the cycles of the Sun, the Moon and the Seasons;

  • The sacredness of Planet Earth;

  • The sacredness of women as vessels of creation;

  • The truth of our Divine nature and our right to conscious connection with the Divine Source and its manifestation in people and nature without mediation;

  • The truth of the cycle of Life, Death, and Rebirth as reflected in the life cycle of all living things and the Turning of the Wheel;

  • The truth that, as She of a Thousand Names, the Divine Mother Goddess does not demand exclusive worship, nor does this congregation;

  • The truth that we are responsible for our actions and intentions;

  • The truth that fear cannot survive where there is unquantified Love.

      Blessed Be


The congregation declares the following as our core values:

  • Respecting the interdependence of all existence; the Divine, nature, humans, and the Earth;

  • Committing to regular spiritual practice;

  • Respecting the wisdom of women;

  • Honoring and supporting the sacred journey of each individual;

  • Honoring one’s word and one’s commitments;

  • Acting with integrity and authenticity;

  • Demonstrating compassion for oneself and others with gentleness and kindness;

  • Experiencing the power of learning and transformation;

  • Marking the transitions and initiations of life’s cycles;

  • Practicing creativity, song, and movement as vehicles to the Divine;

  • Respecting the privacy of members and supporters of the congregation;

  • Participating with energy, time and money in the life force and work of the congregation;

  • Expressing Gratitude;

  • Nurturing Joy;

  • Honoring the Mystery;

  • Walking gently on the Earth.

Blessed Be

Community Leaders

President- Gina Martin

V. President- Karen Tarapata

Secretary - Anna Kramer

Treasurer - Tracy Louis


High Priestess  - Gina Martin

Guardian Priestesses - Bettina Zastrow, Judith Levinrad

Circle of Crones -Ginny Brooke, Liz Carl, Laura Delano, Kristi Zea, Lee Hancock (From beyond the veil)




Terms and Titles


High Priestess 

Guardian Priestess 

Circle of Crones








Sacred Space




Moon Circle - Women and girls meet in the Grove on the night closest to the waxing Full Moon. Times differ throughout the year to reflect the time of sunset and to accommodate the school year and work nights.


We follow the Celtic cycle of Dark months and Light months within the year. Between Beltain and Samhain the Circle is open to newcomers. We work with the rhythms of the natural world and expand our work during this time. As the days shorten in the Autumn we close the Circle to newcomers between Samhain and Beltain, to facilitate a deepening of the work of the Circle. (October 26, 2015- last open Circle of this cycle)


Samhain - In the Celtic cycle, the time of final harvest is the end of the Light half of the year. This is believed to be a time when the Veil between the worlds is thin. We can feel and communicate with the Otherworld more easily, and connect with our ancestors more deeply. Traditionally this is celebrated at the end of October and has become transformed into the modern holiday of Halloween.

We meet as a community on the Sunday closest to that date to have ceremony, build a Samhain Fire and have a potluck feast together. This marks the beginning of the New Year, and the start of the Dark months when our energies, and the energies of the world around us move inward into reflection and introspection.

This ceremony and community event is open to all women, men, and children, whether they have been with us in Circle before or not. (November 1, 2015)


Algonquin Water Purification Chanting - The Grandmothers of the Algonquin Tribe have passed on to us an ancient chant for purifying the waters of the world. When it was discovered that the water on their reservation was polluted, these women gathered and chanted for 24 hours. Dr. Masaru Emoto was able to document the extraordinary healing that was accomplished with this prayer work. Since we humans are 75% water, this chant is also healing on a personal , as well as planetary level. The Grandmothers have requested that as many women as possible gather at the time of the New Moon in Pisces to do this chant together.

This evening of chanting is open to all women and girls. The night is a continuous ocean of sound, and you are welcome to come and participate for whatever length of time you can. We supply rattles and drums but request that you bring these items with you if you have them. A donation to help pay for the space is appreciated